MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile review Keyboard is a Clicky Delight

So I really think that low profile switches are the way ahead for mechanical keyboards, at least for me, but the issue with these keyboards is that they are quite expensive for now, but today we’re going to take a look at MSI’s Vigor GK50 Low Profile keyboard, and it costs around 95 US Dollars or 8000 Rs.

In India, which is actually a really good price for a full-sized RGB Low profile mechanical keyboard. But there are some limitations that keep it from being suitable for everyone, along with also taking a quick look at their GM11 mouse.


MSI is definitely not a brand that is confused about what kind of design a keyboard should have, because this is a full-on gamer keyboard with an aggressive aesthetic and angular design, a completely opposite approach from something like a Logitech G815.

I like the font that they have used, even though it is quite stylized, and both the chassis of the board and the keys have this octagonal shape which is also quite unconventional from the usual shape keycaps have.

This is a keyboard that looks better in person, and if you turn RGB off or set it to white color, it actually manages to look quite stealthy. The key switches are mounted on a metal chassis which feels very solid, and the floating keycap design looks and feels great, but the lock indicators have a very unusual design that I have mixed feelings about.

The height of this keyboard is also on the taller side for low profile keyboards, but it is still at a comfortable angle, and you can also pull out the legs at the bottom to make this even taller.

MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile review Keyboard is a Clicky Delight

Cable In Mis Vigor

It has a simple braided cable which feels nice, and I don’t mind the lack of a USB port pass-through. MSI also includes a keycap remover in the box, which I really appreciate, and the reason they do this is because they have extra convex keys for Ctrl and Alt keys, which is supposed to make them easier to press.

I tried them, and they do actually feel better and easier to press, so it is a nice addition. You can press the function button with this MSI logo along with the media control buttons on the top row to control playback and volume, and there’s also a game mode that disables the windows keys.

Function key in MSI Vigor

The presence of the function key means that you don’t have a right-click key on this, but you can press the Shift and F10 shortcut when you need to use that.

Lighting In MSI Vigor

The lighting on the keyboard looks really nice with a floating keycap design, it is bright, and even the secondary letters in the keys light up. The effects can be customized easily directly from the keyboard, and you can control their brightness, speed, color, direction, and select different kinds of reactive effects.

This system works really well, but if you want to customize the effects further, or set different colors per key, you will have to use the Dragon center software, which is a 500 MB download for some reason, and this software is also buggy, as the color customization option completely disappeared for no reason and I could only make it work in another windows installation,

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